Monday, July 26, 2010

Christmas in July

It feels like Christmas!  My friend Cynthia found this gorgeous aluminum Christmas tree for me.  Wikipedia says they were most popular from 1958 until the mid 60s.  
It's the perfect tree for our trailer!  
If only Santa would send us come cooler weather...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Vacation

We are really enjoying our time with friends while they are out of school.  From February to May our weekend and evening time was spent working diligently on our Airstream.  For the last few weeks we've been enjoying a little time off.

When the trailer was at the warehouse we made a concerted effort to get out of the door at right after dinner and up to the warehouse to work on the trailer.  I was convinced it would be even easier to work on the trailer once it was home.

 I was wrong. 
We've had the trailer home for almost a month we haven't worked on it. 
Not once. 

Now, I have an even greater respect for all of you Airstream-restoring folks who work on your trailers from home in your spare moments.  We have found that since our trailer is home it's easier to be distracted by other tasks.  (Or maybe it's just that we're no longer able to "escape" the fact that we haven't worked on the house in 4 months.)  

We do have a few excuses.  The first week the trailer was home, Brian was in Denver for a programming conference.  The second week, we took a non-maiden-voyage trip to Missouri for a family reunion.  (Our first RV park experience... blog material, for sure.)  The last two weeks we've just been doing our best to enjoy the summer before it slips away. With all of the cook-outs, swimming,water park-ing, hiking, picnicking, doughnut eating, bowling, and slumber-partying who has time to work on the Airstream in this blistering heat

Samuel swimming at our neighborhood pool

Mark Twain Landings Water Park in Monroe City, Missouri.
(Thanks, Mom!)

Kabobs for the 4th of July

Krispy Kreme with the gang

Samuel and friends bowling in their swimsuits

I'm sure we'll get right back to it when our schedule slows down and the temperatures cool. Time to go pack for another (tent) camping trip...Summer Rocks!