Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TAC at Stone Mountain

We've been so excited about the TAC rally at Stone Mountain.
We just couldn't wait to get to the rally on Friday.

So, we came Thursday morning instead.

I spy someone telecommuting

  Thursday night dinner at a German restaurant in Stone Mountain Village

Friday, trailers showed up in a steady stream all day long. 

In the evening, we got together for the first of three occasions.

Friday appetizers, Saturday dinner, and Sunday brunch
We had some delicious food and even better company.

Brian and I weren't the only ones that make fast and easy friends at the rally.  

I found a few groups of Airstreamers scattered around the lawn for Saturday evening's laser show.  Finding Airstreamers in a crowd is nothing like finding Airstreams in a campground, though.  

Can you find the Sanders in this picture?

There were about 30 trailers at the rally.  It was an especially great mix of both new and vintage trailers (including a '78 Argosy, a '68 Avion, a Bambi II, four other 60s Airstreams, and two vintage Shastas.) There were at least eight people/trailers who were at Stone Mountain for their first rally ever.
(Hope we didn't scare them off!)

Oh, and we stopped for dinner on the way home,  too...
at Atlanta's iconic 50's themed restaurant, "OK Cafe."
It was delicious,  "Yes, Ma'am!"