Thursday, April 28, 2011

Goodbye, Decals

Back in February 2010 during the demo phase of our restoration we discovered some travel decals in our trailer.  We were delighted by the decals, feeling like our trailer was telling us part of its story.

Now, it's almost time to paint the interior skins.

Because I'm so sentimental about our decals I wanted to take our last opportunity to get the gang back together for a photo.

Ok, I confess.
I'm really "getting the gang back together" because I had a total hard drive failure in December. 
I couldn't stomach the thought of having zero pictures of the decals.
The cost for pictures?  Stripping the endcap after it was installed.
(Yikes!  Look out for falling stripper!!!)

We have a total of 61 decals. 
There are only 16 that we can't decipher.  

Here are the gratuitous close-ups with all the gory details:

Boy Scouts, unknown (2), Yellowstone

Mt. Rushmore, Black Hills S. Dakota
The Castle on Cedar Pass Badlands Monument South Dakota , 
Boy Scouts of America

Wisconsin, Minnesota, No. Dakota, Illinois

Iowa, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon

Washington, Seattle 1962, Grand Coulee, (Canada), Banff Canada
Lake Louise Banff Pk Canada, unknown (2),
Tri-State Mich/Penn/Ohio, Michigan

Michigan, "Prevent Forest Fires," Ontario Canal, 
Arkansas, Key West, FL, unknown

unknown, New Mexico,  Painted Desert Arizona,
Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon California, Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Chinatown, Hawaii, Kauai, Maui,
Grand Tetons NP Wyoming, Jackson Hole

Tampico Mexico, Vera Cruz

Any guesses?  The second one says '68.

 Around the door:
unknown, Maine
Indiana, unknown
(2) unknown, Laborers Local 534

unknown, Canada, unknown
When I stripped the paint off of the decals we were delighted to figure out 3 decals we couldn't previously decoded:  the first Boy Scouts decal, Key West, FL, and Maui

It was sad to see them go:

see the paint bubble

Goodbye, decals.
Someday I hope that all of us will have an extensive travel portfolio like our trailer.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Best Part

We have all worked hard to install the skins:

Sabrina stole Daddy's tool belt in hopes that we would put her to work.

Samuel popping rivets in the bathroom

Annabelle is a two fisted helper... pop riveter and cleco pliers.

There are still two skin panels not fully installed.  The front panel was left open for battery installation and a little wiring.  A section of the long ceiling panel is still uninstalled so that we can add the eyebrow for the
 front door.  

Hey look!  What's that I see?  I think it's an aluminum tent!

Time for a reward for all of that work... our first trip!

Hitched up and heading to Fort Yargo State Park, Georgia.

The best part about camping... being with friends!