Monday, February 22, 2010

Picking and Picnicing

At the end of the day on Sunday we both kind of looked around and scratched our heads and said "Wow. What DID we do today?" We pick pick picked at the decals and the clock tick tick ticked. At the end of the day we took a count. There are approximately 60 decals. We can decipher 20. It's slow and often frustrating work to scratch off the top two layers of paint without damaging the decals. It's so rewarding to finally read the decal when enough letters are revealed. (Can anyone say Wheel of Fortune?)

 What is that?  A tiger?

Nope.  Tigers don't have green fur.

Yikes!  Those are tiny letters!  They're so easy to scrape off by accident.

Is this some famous headdress?

Wrong again.  It's South Dakota!  The Greatest Pheasant Area on Earth.

This is what the decal would have looked like originally.

Brian tried sanding a little on Sunday...but gave up when it didn't seem to be the right method.

We also enjoyed a picnic at the warehouse with Georgia's long lost friend, the sun.


  1. Man, makes me want to come over and help uncover decals! What's the running count on how many you have been able to identify and how many if any are you going to put back in there?

  2. P.S. I see you said 20 so far, do you think you'll eventually be able to figure them all out?

  3. Janet, there are some that we will definitely NOT be able to figure out. (Maybe a dozen, so far.) There are still so many under the paint... our hope is that we'll be able to see them if we're careful enough. We won't be able to use any of the originals in the trailer but we'd like to find unused duplicate decals and apply them after it's painted. (I'm reaching for the moon, I know!)