Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Night Marathon

We went to the warehouse Tuesday evening with the goal of getting the back half of the floor out and towing the trailer home for welding estimates.

See the rolls of aluminum beside the trailer?  It's the belly pan.  We were storing it under the trailer.  We started Tuesday by loading it into our truck to store at home temporarily.    We're keeping it around to use as a template for the new belly pan.

The last time we towed the trailer we had trouble with the lights. Tuesday night, Brian spliced in some new (temporary) trailer lights.  We tested them. They didn't work. The problem turned out to be a fuse in our truck. We had to spend a little time Tuesday evening hunting down a fuse... it was getting late and not many places were open. 

Thinking we were going to have to pull off a section of the inside aluminum skin to remove the floor, Brian took out the back window.  (A nail-biter for me.  Look at that big hammer... right next to the window!)

In reality, we didn't need to take out the window to remove the floor.  The floor easily came loose without removing the interior skin.

The floor in rear of the trailer before demo.

Look at all the damage a girl can do in five minutes!  I guess there are advantages to having a very thin floor.  There's no way we can use the plywood for a template though.

We did have to use a saw to cut through the solid parts of the floor.  Here, Brian's cutting the floor under the shower/tub.

Ewww.  The floor of our Airstream is on the floor of the warehouse.  Brian's still in the trailer (see his legs) working on the floor.

Time to move the trailer forward a few feet and clean up the mess.  Brian says the mess wasn't as bad as the mess in the belly pan.  (Thanks for doing that on your own, Honey!)

All ready to go... at an obscene hour of the morning.  How did it get to be so late/early?!


  1. you guys are doing an amazing job, john is so impressed. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see the end of the project. Happy Camping,


  2. We left the warehouse at 4:20am... to bed by 5:00am. We're still paying for it!

    Thanks, Angie!