Saturday, February 6, 2010

Clean, Clean, Clean

We spent a good portion of the weekend cleaning our trailer, inside and out.  In the style of Margret Wise Brown's childrens book, "Goodnight Moon" we have "Goodbye Mildew" to go with our pictures.

Goodbye to the mildew and dust on the inside.

Goodbye, vinyl tiles circa 1990!

 Goodbye tire cover, paper cups, juice jug, and kite with a hole.

Goodbye curtains, curtain rods, twisted copper pipes, and broken garden hose....
Goodbye to the quiet old  moss on the rock-guard...

Goodbye to the underbelly's smelly insulation.  We'll shield your eyes from the gore.

...and soon we'll say "Goodbye to the oxidized"...the aluminum's whispering "polish."
Goodnight Airstream.  Tomorrow we'll work on your once more.

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