Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Delay!

It started snowing on Friday afternoon.  We got about three inches.  The slush on the road turned into ice.  Saturday morning we heard that the road to our warehouse was closed.

The neighbors graciously lent us their sled.  Wheee!  I guess there are advantages to having a driveway that's a solid sheet of ice! Samuel & Annabelle had a great time and sledded until they were too warn out to sled anymore.

We were sure glad we parked on the street.  Later, it warmed up enough for the streets to thaw.  We made it to the warehouse by 2:00pm. 

Whoops.  My "official rivet remover" is stuck.

Brian and Samuel worked on the fridge.  They had to take it partially apart so that it would fit through the door.  It took three hours.  

I finally got this pesky trim piece free.  It sure had a lot of rivets for one little piece of trim (it covered the vent pipe for the heater.)

From the outside of the trailer looking in the stove vent pipe.  Home for wasps, at some point. 

With the fridge out Brian moved on to the toilet.  It was easiest to just cut a hole in the (very thin) floor.

Brian cut out/pushed a hole through the floor to get the bathtub out too.  (Did I mention the floor is thin in the back?)

Bathroom is out.  Brian's starting on the water heater under the street side bed. We started stripping the paint on the curbside/left side.  This place is starting to look like a mess!

Wow!  It's (practically) empty!  We'll get the heater out soon.

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