Friday, February 12, 2010

First Evening in the Warehouse

We're in!  Time to get to work.

 Time for Play-doh and demo.

 The kids took one last look before we started demo.

We ripped up the carpet in the front.  It was installed on plywood that was nailed over the original linoleum.  The plywood says Dec 97.  Maybe our trailer was used more recently than we thought.  The license plate on the trailer said it expired in 1998.  (We were guessing the trailer hadn't been used since the tag expired in 98.)  If someone worked on it 1997 then perhaps it's been camped in more recently.  Who knows.

We started by removing the front gaucho and the air compressor attached to the fresh water tank.  We left the water tank in place.

Brian persuading some stubborn bolts that held the fridge in place.  Best tools for the job:  crow bar and heavy duty hammer.

 The fridge is loose but it won't fit through the door.  We moved it into the front of the trailer and continued removing the furniture.

Front pantry and curb side bed are removed.... making some progress.

Curb side is (almost) empty.

Our warehouse is filling up.  We're so happy to have it.  We feel like we made some real progress on our first night.  

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