Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Left List

This is our "left list"... this stuff is what's left on the list:

clean seams, polish, reseal seams

We need to find a threshold.  Also, rebuild and install the step.

This door needs some polish:

We're not quite sure what to do with the inside door handle.

but we need to either 1) strip it 2) paint it or 3) both

We need to finish removing the seal on the door within a door.
Then, install a new seal.

We still need to clean up our Birmingham scar.  I think we've been putting this one off because we're not quite sure how to deal with it.  Perhaps an Alabama shaped aluminum badge is in order?

Our belly needs a shave.  (A couple of other places too.)

This item is quite possibly the most embarrassing on our "to do" list.  A long time ago, in a land of good intentions, someone (Ok, two someones) used silicone to seal the seams above the windows.  Now, the silicone did keep the water out... but it sure left a nasty mess.  Dirt and polishing residue are only a few of the shady characters this silicone attracted. 

 We need to clean up this (our) terrible mess.

Propane.  We need to plumb for propane. 
When we get that done we'll have a few more things to do:

 install the stove

install the fridge
(If I had known how long I would be looking at the naked side of the pantry then I might have refinished the entire panel instead of just the part that will be exposed.)

install the heater and ducting

We have a few electrical things to clean up too. 

Our back vent needs a new seal.  
We also have a ceiling fan (from Captain Wilson's Overlander) to install.

We need a cover for this light.

We need to finish wiring in the monitor panel, the inverter too.

These hinges need work.  
The screws keep pulling out of cabinet.  It's a problem on the pantry door and also on the cabinet under the sink in the bathroom.

 Find the holy grail. 
I need an original knob for the pantry.  
(In the meantime, this dummy will have to do.)

We also need to install:
window levers
window screens
plumbing fixtures for tub
trim around the bathtub
make a shower curtain
sew a cover for the bunk mattress

... and those are only the the things I can think of.  I'm sure there are more.  The end is in sight (maybe not without binoculars) but it's in sight.