Monday, June 11, 2012

Haphazard Progress

Time to mark these things off of the "left list!"

removed (our disgusting) silicone mess from around drip caps
installed lifters and cranks

window screens:
We have had a roll of galvanized steel window screening sitting in our garage for close to two years now.  Not long after we purchased it we tried installing the screens.  They were pretty frustrating so we soon moved on to some other task.   While strolling through the home store recently, a roll of fiberglass screen jumped into our cart when no one was looking.  We tried to kick it out shouting "You're not original! Go away!" but the roll didn't listen.   Instead, it argued with us "Yes, but you can see through me very well.   I'm soft when you brush up against me.  I am easy to install."  Well, it's been warming up here in Georgia.  We started thinking about how lovely it would be to have the windows open on the trailer. We took the fiberglass roll home.  All but two of the screens are installed now.  The astrodome screen is a little tricky because of the embedded holes for the lifters so we haven't done it yet.  Also, our door-within-a-door screen frame is broken and still needs metal screen corners.

Did I mention we finally bit the bullet and purchased a Dewalt variable speed polisher and the Cyclo polisher?  Polishing with the atomic-age Cyclo brought fun back to this menial task.  (For the first 20 hours, anyway.)

See that door leaning against the trailer?  The handle is painted and it's polished on the inside.  
(Check two things off the list.)
We're not completely finished with the polishing but Brian is ready to take a break.  We sealed our seams and plan to tackle some trouble spots later.

center light fixture:
Not long ago, a little package from Victoria, Canada appeared on my doorstep, adorably addressed to "Someday'59."  (It was for the trailer, after all.)

  In the package was a center light fixture from a 1957 Overlander. 

It's perfect! I'm thrilled with how well it matches the reproduction fiberglass sconce covers we have in the front of the trailer!  For the light fixture, I owe a huge thank-you to Mark and his trailer (who, as far as I know, isn't named yet but is progressing nicely.)

Plumbety, Plumb, Plumb Plumb:

some propane plumbing:
The propane lines under the trailer have been installed.  We cut two holes through the bottom of the trailer for propane access to the appliances.  After a little fiddling, all of our propane fittings passed the soap test.  No leaks!  We hooked up the hot water heater (then did a little happy dance.  Hooray for hot water!!!)

grey water plumbing:
Once upon a time we were excited about getting to the TAC rally at Stone Mountain.  Rather than take the extra 45 seconds to put mine and Brian's clothes in the drawers I put them in a laundry basket in the tub.  (Raise your hand if you know where this story is going.)  Both the laundry basket and most of our clothes were soaked with grey water.  After scrounging for quarters Brian started the rally by telecommuting from the laundry room.   Why was there grey water in the tank?  Earlier in the week, I mopped the floor in the trailer and dumped the mop water down the drain instead of taking it to the house.  (sigh)  So much for shortcuts!  This wasn't the first time we've had grey water in the bathtub.  Hopefully, it will be the last.  Brian installed a Hepvo backflow-proof shower trap.

in fresh water plumbing news:
Brian added the water inlet for the fresh water tank.
[read: Brian made a big scary hole in the front of the trailer while Lynnetta stood by and wrung her hands.]  I'm sure glad it turned out OK.

Yes, we moved it.  Originally, the water inlet was on the curbside of the battery box.  This is where the water inlet had to go in order to accommodate our larger freshwater tank.

more fresh water plumbing:
Speaking of the freshwater tank, we need a water pump to access the water in our tank.  So, we installed the water pump and subsequently made a trip to the home store to make the darned thing quieter.  (Adding flex tubing on either side of the pump and rubber insulating pads beneath really does help with the sound.)

still more fresh water plumbing news:
Installed the faucet for the bathtub.

exterior door latch:

I thought it was weird that the "VTS" on this thing was upside down. No matter.  It works.  It's not rusty.  It doesn't leave a giant rust streak down the side of the trailer!

It's so nice to get these things checked off of the (shrinking) list!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Feeling Sentimental

Two years ago this week we spent our last evening in the warehouse.  It was the end of four months of non-stop work on the trailer.  I was feeling sentimental.  I wrote these words on a scrap piece of packaging with a pencil (probably sharpened by a knife.) 

last night in the warehouse

yowling cats, it is the spring
or summer

how did the spring turn into summer so quickly

when did we begin shedding our jackets and mopping our foreheads instead of layering clothes and moving about just to keep warm


a nice reminder that there will be many summers to come where we can sit and relax under the awning and enjoy the evening and the children and our time together on the road or at a park not far from home with friends we love

Someday is today