Friday, May 17, 2013

Blog Ketchup

A friend sent me a not-so-subtle reminder that I haven't posted any updates recently.  His email, as follows, was not unlike one of those notes you pass in middle school  with “circle one” scribbled at the top.

subject: reasons my blog has gone silent
The reason(s) I have not been keeping my friends up on my activities:
  1. Keeping  the house showroom fresh for the realtors is a real pain.  I think we will move into the ’59
  2. OMG you mean I have to polish it EVERY YEAR?!!
  3. Brian has “accepted” a job with Google and has been relocated to an unknown location.  I am tracking him with Geotag software…  (What is the size above Normal?)
  4. I am exhausted from trying to herd cats at the Airstream Rally I was fool enough to host and I think there is still some Bloody Mary mix around here…
  5. My kids are working on “class projects” which range from developing a cold fusion reactor to tie dying…
  6. It just isn’t a good day for me…
Without the slightest hesitation, I can whip out my fat red sharpie and circle the first one. Our house is on the market... and that last bit about wanting to move into the ‘59 is correct, too.  Keeping our house spotless is not my cup of tea.  I’m ready to move into that trailer and sail off into the wild west for a little bit.  A girl can dream, right?  (So long as that dream isn’t a big “silver shiny” in the backyard of an uppity swim and tennis community-- bitter much?)
Samuel did have something to add about the class project. “Cold fusion has never been proven. Some scientists say there’s no such thing as cold fusion.”  Plus, I’m sure whatever a cold fusion reactor is, it couldn’t possibly be developed without Legos- and all of ours are in storage.

Now for some catch-up.

Airstream Birthday (January 30th)

We've had our trailer for 3 years!
This was the first time I got to bake the cake in the trailer.

My FireKing dishes are only a little older than our trailer.  They belonged to my Grandma and Granddad when they were newlyweds. This June, they're celebrating 60 years of marriage.

It's a treat to eat on them in the trailer... we only get to do that when it's sitting at home- not bouncing down the road.

Wishing for more days on the road.

Keeping with tradition, it's our yearly photo re-enactment:

Springstream 2013

I parked with an audience and didn't even break a sweat.  Small milestone for womankind, giant milestone for me.

Did I mention our house is on the market?  Our schnookums kitty kitty, "Smore," could not be left at home to greet potential buyers.  She has been trying out the trailer in spurts while it's been parked at home.

In April, we took her to Hiawassee, GA for her first camping trip.  Riding in the car isn't her favorite part.  But when we're all together in the trailer she really seems to relax.  By the end of the weekend she felt at home.  We're convinced she will make a good trailer cat.

I'll write about Stone Mountain soon.  
In the meantime, does anybody want to buy a house?