Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scraping in the Morning...

...Scraping in the Evening, Scraping at Supper Time.  We spent the day Saturday scraping paint.  We got the majority of the paint removed from the inside of the trailer.  After scraping the trailer we worked on scraping paint from the decals. (THE definition of tedious work.  We would not make good archeologists.)  Here's some pictures from our day:

It's important to have the right equipment for stripping paint.  Chemical burns are not fun!  Just ask Brian! 

     Sabrina is trying on the safety goggles and posing with Annabelle.

See? It IS all fun and games! (If you play on the floor then you don't have to move the Play-doh on the table.)

What a mess!

Back of the trailer at the end of the day.  Time for sanding!

Front of the trailer.  Can you see the decals?  They start above the door (on the right) and go across the front of the trailer.  We thought they stopped above the light on the left.  We were wrong.  We found more!  They run the length of the window on the left.


  1. An important safety tip: even when you're wearing those NIOSH masks, you can still smell flatus. Hypothetically, that is...of course...

  2. Look at you! Telling on yourself like that! You're certainly not telling on me. Ok. Maybe it's partially my fault for making chili...

  3. Thanks sooooo much for setting this up, I am LOVING it already, can't wait to come camping with you!!

  4. You guys are just flying along. Paint stripping is miserable work, I feel for you. If you are willing to abandon hope of preserving the decals, consider pulling the pannels down and then using a non-toxic paint stripper like Removeall (if you can find some, it recently went out of production) or Citrus strip followed by a pressure washer. It worked very well on the exterior of my trailer.

  5. Norm, I forgot you had that nice Egyptian Lacquer on your trailer. :)

    We tried the Citrus stuff but gave up on it and got something a little stronger.

    We're going to plug along on the decals for a little longer. I don't think we'll be able to preserve the decals but we'd like to be able to see as many of them as possible. (We've been able to decipher 20 of them so far.)

    When we can put our arms down again (from scraping) we'll go back up and strip more paint... then on to the sanding. Any tips there?