Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Best Part

We have all worked hard to install the skins:

Sabrina stole Daddy's tool belt in hopes that we would put her to work.

Samuel popping rivets in the bathroom

Annabelle is a two fisted helper... pop riveter and cleco pliers.

There are still two skin panels not fully installed.  The front panel was left open for battery installation and a little wiring.  A section of the long ceiling panel is still uninstalled so that we can add the eyebrow for the
 front door.  

Hey look!  What's that I see?  I think it's an aluminum tent!

Time for a reward for all of that work... our first trip!

Hitched up and heading to Fort Yargo State Park, Georgia.

The best part about camping... being with friends!


  1. you should be very proud. A family project to boot!!!

  2. You are to be commended for involving your kids in the whole project. It's a great way to learn and strengthen relationships. Your kids will never forget these days.

  3. Fantastic progress & good to see that child labour is alive and well !

    Great to have that first family trip, even in an aluminum tent. I'm sure you'll have the interior back in soon.



  4. Great family fun after all that work! Congratulations on the first trip, I'm sure it will just get better and better.
    Keep stream'n

  5. Congratulations. So great to get it back on the road and out to a campground.

  6. My dad just got a good laugh out of the your broken door handle that looks exactly like ours. I see you are in line to get one of the reproductions. I can't wait to stop cutting my hand on that dang thing.

  7. Big Congrats! That is absolutely the coolest! Someday is truly a family team effort. Nothing better than camping with friends and family, especially in the gorgeous southern springtime.

    Sabrina is SO CUTE!