Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Working Again!

After an 8 month sabbatical we're working on the trailer again!

Brian fabricated and installed supports for an air conditioner.

I installed fiberglass insulation.
Deja vu?!
You're right.  This wasn't the first time.
Since installing the insulation in April, our trailer has been through a whole lot of shifting and shaking.
(We buck-riveted in the windows and also moved it home.)

You can tell from the birthday picture that most of the insulation had fallen.

Norm suggested we install the insulation with 3M spray adhesive instead of masking tape.  I removed the paper backing and re-installed the insulation.
What a difference!  The insulation is finally finished!

I've always  been fascinated with this crazy photo in one of my Airstream books.  There's a guy in dress slacks and a lab coat installing the insulation with his bare hands.

We couldn't resist a photo reenactment.
note: actual fiberglass insulation installment is nothing near this glamorous

Look at all that progress!
Brian's getting really close to finishing the wiring.


  1. Good to see you guys back at it!

    That Airstream shot in the lab coat has always struck me as well. Great reenactment.


  2. Nice reenactment - of course I wear slacks whenever I'm working on the trailer. The insulation and wiring look great. Doesn't it seems so nice and quiet in there with the blankets of insulation?

  3. Great photos =) I love the lab coat. Of course you happened to have a lab coat laying around...

  4. Wow! You guys have done a lot of work! Not sure I'm ready for you to give up your tent though!

  5. We have a 59 overlander and we would like to put a A/C unit in it. Can you let me know how to reinforce the frame for the A/C unit ? A photo would be great if you have one. Thanks Maryann