Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Camping in Luxury

We've been working really hard on the trailer since our last camping trip in July.  Here are some pictures from our trip to Cloudland Canyon State Park for the TAC rally this weekend.

Check out the inside of our trailer: 

This place is starting to feel like home. The girls were excited to sleep in their beds for the first time. 
Brian telecommuting from Cloudland Canyon State Park.  
Our friends said "The world is ending! The Sanders got a cell phone."

At the TAC rally on Memorial Day weekend Kristi the vintage awning lady gave me lots of tips and pointers for making my own vintage awning.  In August, she emailed to tell me she had an awning available that would fit my trailer, if I was interested.  She caught me at a weak moment!  After having taken a month off from sewing the curtains, I was back at the sewing machine again, in the middle of sewing the pillows and seat cushions.  My answer was a resounding "Yes!  Yes!  I would love to buy that beautiful awning that I don't have to make!"

Brian spent lots of time and energy reaming out our awning rail before we left.  When it was time to put up the awning it was as easy as pie (that I didn't have to make!)

With such a pretty awning maybe no one will notice the air conditioner. 

Seven trailers and families showed up for the TAC rally.  We had a great time visiting with other trailer folks, looking at their pretty trailers, picking up bad habits new hobbies (I think Samuel will soon be addicted to Geocaching) and making new friends.  We were even gifted a beautiful and delicious chocolate-cheese ball.
Thank you Natalie, Terry, & Paula Deen

We also got to meet some new vintage Airstream owners.  They weren't camping this weekend but came to the campground to visit some friends.  We gave them a quick tour and loved hearing about their plans to bring their new '57 Flying Cloud back to life.  (I hope we didn't scare them off with our horror stories!)

Cloudland Canyon has a trail to the bottom of the canyon, it has 600 stairs.  So, we did manage to get a little hiking done.

Watch out for cracks!

What's going on here?

There was a lovely waterfall at the bottom of the canyon.  
< insert best Wizard of Oz voice > Pay no attention to the water bottle in the picture!

The weekend was too short.  Shorter still because we left Sunday evening to avoid driving home in Monday's Hurricane Lee downpours.  Can hardly wait to go again... but there's more work to do first.


  1. Awesome awning, and I'm glad you had fun at the TAC rally...we actually bought our awning from Kristi as well, and it's held up well to this point (although I can say that I've had to replace at least 7 poles due to high winds, but the awning stood firm even in the 75mph microbursts in Montana). I didn't even realize that you guys had made so much progress on your trailer that you were taking it out! If memory serves me correctly, I believe you're RSVP'd for the TAC Walt Disney World Rally, and if so, hopefully we'll see you there.

  2. Way to go! You are a far cry from an aluminum tent. Someday looks awesome, and the awning really tops it off.

    Ahh, Cloudland, one of my favorite spots. Glad to see the, uhm . . . waterfall . . . is getting a little help through the drought. Uhhh, what water bottle? :-)

  3. Wow the inside is looking fantastic, I didn't know you were so far along either!! Disney World??? My favorite!

  4. My goodness, you guys are doing an awesome job on the trailer. I can't wait to see it in person again. But I can't believe you didn't call...or even think of me as you went hiking up/dow 600 stairs! Doesn't that sound like something I'd really enjoy falling down? :-)

  5. looks great! What's the next trip plan?
    Al and Pat

  6. Wow, that is looking very nice. I like the table setup in the front. The awning looks great also.

  7. Super job you guys and great to see you out camping.


  8. Wow, the Overlander is looking great. Great to see the family enjoying it so much.

  9. So Cool! I am looking for a good awning replacement.