Friday, October 14, 2011

Room Dividers, the details

I would love to take all the credit for making our room dividers but they weren't my idea.  I found a great thread on Airforums that had instructions for making the dividers.

Here's how I made our room dividers:
We purchased two sets of vertical blinds.

They come in 3 1/2'' widths.  The slats were too wide for our curtain.  So, I cut them (lengthwise) down to 2 1/2''.  They were also too tall.  I cut them to 70''.

Here's the sew-boring details:
  • Cut the fabric to make a giant pillow case.
    • For the front curtain:  144" tall (plus 1'' for two 1/2'' seam allowances) by 51'' wide (plus 1'' for two 1/2'' seam allowances.)
    • For the back curtain: 144'' tall (plus 1'') by 42'' wide (plus 1'')
  • Sew over the top edges 1/2'' inch
  • Sew the fabric edges together like a giant pillowcase, right sides together.  
  • Turn the "pillowcase" right sides out.
  • Sew a sleeve 3'' wide for each vertical slat.  Front curtain will have 17 sleeves/slats.  Back curtain will have 14 sleeves/slats.
We were able to use our current track but needed to get new curtain sliders.  VTS sells sliders for our track but I was able to pick our curtain sliders up locally.  Georgia's "oldest and largest RV dealer" is only a convenient 3 miles from my house.  They've been open since 1952. 

I didn't want to use the traditional curtain pin hooks/drapery hooks because I was afraid they would fall out easily.  Instead, I used 1'' binder rings that I picked up at the office supply store.

After I made the curtain, I made holes in every other slat to hang the curtains.  I made a hole in both sides of the fabric where I attached a brass eyelet.  I also made a hole in the vertical slat.  (Putting a hole through the slat will help keep the curtain from sagging.)  I used a nifty tool that I bought at the fabric store to punch a hole in the fabric and attach brass eyelets.  I used the eyelet tool to make a hole in the slats too.  (I didn't attach an eyelet but the tool made a hole just the right size.)

tiny brass eyelet, 1'' binder ring, handy eyelet tool

 assembled curtain hardware

I found the perfect place for my vertical-blinds left-overs.

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  1. This is a great write-up. We are going to try and make these this week. We are heading into weekend three of a three weekends in-a-row camping spree.