Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Midwest Trip, Part 4: Kamp, Grandma's, & Heading Home

We have Georgia friends who are from Nebraska.   This is the second year we have gathered near Omaha for "Kamp Lotta Kids" at my friend's childhood home.

Kamp Lotta Kids is the perfect recipe for fun:
11 Nebraska kids
9 Georgia Kids
5 St. Bernards
3 horses
1 pool with slide

There really are no words for Kamp Lotta Kids (and dogs and horses) so I'll provide a few glossy photos instead:

Pool games including: greasy watermelon relay race, whale riding races, and a crazy ping pong ball game.

Game winners gloated:  They got to shovel horse poop!

It's hard to tell if anybody is having fun at Kamp Lotta Kids:

You've heard of sun tea.  How about sun smores?

 Just one note:  

Add the chocolate last or you'll have chocolate soup.

Kamp Lotta Kids does the Omaha Zoo

It's group photo time!

19 kids, 7 parents, 3 grandparents,
 5 St.Bernards, 3 horses, and one watermelon baby stand-in

We did it!

After Kamp Lotta Kids we zipped over to my Grandma & Grandpa's house in southeastern Illinois for a couple of days. On the way there our GPS said "turn left in 500 feet." The only thing in site was a gravel road.

Oh well!  I figure it's been down a gravel road before. 
  When we got there Grandpa said "You went through Hutton?"   Grandpa says we could have taken a paved road to get there but what kind of trip would it be without a little adventure!
Grandma's got company!
two peas in a pod
Painting rocks is a favorite activity at Grandma's house!

Nestled in beside the blackberries.  

Heading home...

...back over the river (Ohio) and through the woods.

Home is nice but mostly we're thinking  "How soon can we go again?"


  1. Outstanding post. I hope can one day hit as many spots as you have documented.


  2. The pic of your grandmom and Sabrina is priceless-melts my heart!

  3. Great series of posts. Makes me want to be a kid again. Yes, lets go again!