Friday, June 4, 2010

We're Tired.

Pun intended.
We've been putting in some long hours this week.  Sometimes when we're so close to finishing something it's just hard to go home.  Here's a couple of projects we finished this week:

We installed the axle and wheels.
Ready to roll?  Not quite... but getting closer.

 One of the hardest thing about installing the axle (besides having the proper hardware) was making the U-bolts squeeze tight enough to fit into the tie plate.  Tools required:  Lots of patience and a C-clamp (preferably one without a pivoting clamp face.)

Speaking of the tie plate, we're so grateful that SAM was willing to weld our shock mounts to the tie plate.
Thanks again, SAM.

Axle is installed!

Thursday night we finished riveting in the belly pan.


  1. Did you have a big party when you were done riveting?

  2. I guess so, where "party" is defined as "putting in a rush order for more rivets!"

  3. The axle looks great. There is something really comforting about having all new bearings and brakes. How's the riveting going? I really enjoy that work.