Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Framework & Skinning

Saturday we took the trailer to our friend SAM's (Swiss Army Man) workshop.  He and Brian worked on part of the frame.  They modified the bumper so that it attaches to the frame with bolts (instead of being welded straight to the frame.)  It looks super! Thanks SAM!

rear of trailer before the welding, no bumper

rear of the trailer after the welding, bumper attached

bumper bolted to the frame

We've discovered that we have a rather "unique" spare tire holder.  Since this modification has been around for quite some time, we've decided to keep it.  We're glad we have a beefy new frame to compensate for the weight.

Sunday, we removed the inside skins and insulation.
drilling out the rivets to remove the inner skins... what a ton of rivets!

We learned some things:  After you drill out the last rivet (there's always some pesky hidden one) then you'd better watch out! The center ceiling skin was one big hunk of aluminum.  There's nothing like trying to get the last few rivets and wires disconnected while 12 feet of aluminum falls on your head.  We rolled it up and tamed it with duct tape.  Whew.  Time to take it out...

 ....through the front window.

center ceiling skin (and insulation) removed

Inside the skin, we found a 51 year old message from the Airstream manufacturers "Hello People."  Hehe.  Hello Airstream.  We sure do like it when you talk to us.

It's a skeleton!  Inside skins and insulation removed.  We filled 7 contractor-sized bags with insulation.


  1. So did you know when you got it or before you bought it that you were going to have to gut it? I had no clue and am amazed with your work!!

  2. Before we even saw it, we were prepared for a pretty extensive restoration. We knew that it was likely to need a new belly pan, plumbing, some frame work, and maybe a partial floor replacement. When we saw it we knew for sure it would need the floor replacement. Beyond that, I can't say that I personally gave too much thought as to what else might need to be done (before we bought it.)

    I will say that we were happy to sign up for the work! Before we bought this one I saw another completely restored trailer for sale. We thought about buying it but decided it wouldn't be the same if we didn't do the work. It's our labor of love!

    Thankfully there are many others who have gone before us and documented their work. It would be infinitely harder without that help!

  3. I can't thank SAM enough for the welding work. That anyone who can MIG weld like that, outside with a breeze, amazes me.

  4. Ok, I don't know about everyone else, but I'm about ready for an update. The 9th was a LONG time ago...I'm just sayin :-).

  5. Over a week without an update? I'm experiencing some withdrawal symptoms . . . oh wait, glass house problem. Maybe I should post an update on my blog.

  6. Just because it feels like we're making slow progress this week doesn't mean I should keep you all in suspense, hu?

    Ok. Ok. You're right. Time for an update. :)