Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sealing Steel

We're almost exclusively rebuilding now.  Brian worked hard this week to get the remaining (stubborn) edges of the floor out.  There were narrow sections of the floor left around both wheel wells and a then in front of the wheel wells toward the front of the trailer.  He also took out the door step.  We had hoped to be able to reuse the step but there wasn't much left;  It had been patched many times.  Now, there's only one thing left that has to be removed... a strip of the belly pan is still attached with rivets all the way around.

I painted the frame this week.  First, I used a rust-sealing primer.  (It seems odd to us that the rust-sealing primer comes in "rust" color.  Did I miss a spot?)

Then, I used aluminum Rustoleum for the top coat.

Sabrina brought the hand sanitizer to me when I was done.  "I think you need to clean your hands, Mommy."

Moving time again... the office space that's holding the trailer "guts" needs to be vacated.  We're hauling some things home and some to the shed outside.

Hauling part of the inside skins home.  We don't recommend this method for transporting skins....especially if it's windy.

Monochromatic aluminum.


  1. Wow, you guys are really making a lot of progress. I mean, I guess you are. I've never "renovated" a big silver trailer-camper thingy before :-).

  2. Looks fantastic! If you need any extra storage space let me know, I know I'm not close by but we have an extra house and the shed available-well part of the shed ;)