Thursday, March 18, 2010

This, That, and the Other...

Saturday SAM welded the frame in the front of the trailer.  It looks terrific!  
We're almost completely done with the frame...just need to prep and paint it.

Everything in front of the board is completely new frame.  Thanks so much to SAM and family for sacrificing two Saturdays in a row!  Tent or trailer...we can't wait to camp with you!

Brian's first "electrical" purchases.  Romex and shallow electrical boxes.  They weren't quite shallow enough though, Brian had to make them shallower.

I've been working hard on the (pretty) radiant-barrier insulation.  Ahhh!  Now there's green tape all over it.  Oh, it's just Brian's tape.  He's starting to map out the electricals...I guess I'm a little partial to shiny silver things.

There's an outlet on the outside of our trailer, to the left of the door.  Brian replaced this outlet with an updated plug  (read= GROUNDED plug.)

Here's the new plug from the outside.

We finally got a better look at our vents and vent covers.  We thought  they probably weren't original because at least one looked  rickety from the ground.  It turns out that two of the three have the original Hehr covers.  The cranks work too!  I had no problem opening and closing this vent.  (Well, no problem after I got a stool to reach it.)  There are wires here.  I'm not sure if something was attached to this vent previously (like a fan perhaps?  a light?)  Maybe the wiring was for an option our trailer didn't have.

After we removed the screen and wasps' nest, this is what's left of our "Astradome."  It would have been a pop-up skylight.  This vent cover is not the original and is attached rather grotesquely from the outside.  I can't wait to order the reproduction replacement from VTS.  (How much longer could this thing possibly be back-ordered?)  Oh well, we could camp with this crazy cover a time or two.  I can say one good thing about it.  It doesn't leak.

I'm making some progress on the radiant barrier insulation (i.e. silver bubble wrap.)  How fitting that this stuff was developed by NASA and we're putting it in our Airstream.  NASA put the astronauts in an Airstream.  We put the NASA (technology) in our Airstream.
It's starting to look pretty shiny.  I still have to finish the end caps and a few more panels.  This stuff took far longer to install than I expected.  Every section is a different size so it just takes time to cut it all out.  When I'm finished with this insulation I will  work on the fiberglass (itchy!) insulation.  In the meantime, Brian is excited to finally be working on the electricals. 

Without even noticing, I think we're starting to put this thing back together.... how exciting!

side note for the very observant:... This post says it's created by "Brian." It's actually created by me, Lynnetta. I must have been logged in as Brian when I created the post.  I have no idea how to change the author.  Sorry.


  1. Lots of mentions about NASA but not one single one about NASCAR-shame ;)

  2. Yeah, I prefer NASA.
    The Dixie Speedway is literally in the back yard of the warehouse we're renting. I can step out the back door and see it... that's kind of like NASCAR, right?

  3. That vent looks identical to my front vent except the fan is missing. My front vent fan is 110v. Sure looks like you had one, but it was just removed by a previous owner.

  4. Thanks Norm. I had my fingers crossed that you would know. Do you know if just the fan is available? (Rather than changing out the whole thing to a Fan-tastic?)

  5. Looking good...whoever you are :-), lol. Can't wait for the Airstream warming party! :-)

  6. Check with Inland RV. They list a celing vent fan, but I'm not sure if it is the correct one for our year.