Monday, March 1, 2010

February's Last Hurrah

After Tuesday night's (almost) all-nighter we didn't make it back up to the warehouse until Friday night.  Friday, we only stopped to pick up our camping heater on the way to pitch our tent for some February camping at one of our favorite state parks, Red Top Mountain.

  It got down to a chilly 24 degrees Friday night.  Brrrr!
After breaking camp and dropping the gear off at home, we headed back to the warehouse.

Our warehouse space is being occupied by a new tenant starting March 1st.  We were grateful that our landlord not only found another space for us in the same warehouse but also moved us in!  When we got there Saturday morning everything was ready to go.

Taking out the windows...Brian on the outside and Lynnetta on the inside.

Brian found the remains of an odd something on the middle curbside drip cap.  

The drill bit is full of rivet remnants.  (Dawn: note the nails.)

Windows and door are off... gives a new meaning to the term "Open House."

The rusty deadbolt left a mess!

We also scraped tirelessly on the decals this weekend.


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  2. On edit to correct spelling error: Yikes! That looks like a ton of work. Are you changing the windows or just trying to deal with leaks etc.?

  3. Wow, called me out on National Blogivision! :-) Yes, I did notice the nails...even before I saw my name. Love the fact that you're doing this "manly" work and still able to be "girly". LOL

  4. nmbosa, my (probably misguided) understanding was that we needed to remove the windows to take out the inside skins. Maybe wouldn't have been so ambitious if I had bothered to count the rivets first. The *small* windows have about 50 outside rivets
    The seals are a real mess on those windows, too: all of the seals have been patched up with some sort of hard black stuff.

  5. Shoot, sorry I did not speak up earlier. You only need to remove the interior window trim to take out the inside skins (same for the roof vents in case you have not taken those out yet). Oh well, this will give you a good opportunity to reseal the window frames with new putty. Your frequent updates and hard work are keeping me motivated on my project. Keep up the good work.