Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tackling the Floor

We've been up to the warehouse a couple of nights this week. We finished removing the floor and made some progress on the decals (only 6 more to go!)

The floor removal was easier after upgrading the saw blade.

Brian is using an angle grinder to remove the elevator bolts.  (I've never been a fan of the angle grinder.  I must be getting used to it.  I found the crow-bar and heavy duty hammer removal method  far more frightening.)

Frame damage in the front.  When he came to look at the frame, SAM said the tongue didn't look right and suggested we finish removing the floor before he started the weld work. 

Could this be the reason that the tongue isn't exactly level?

Trailer trash!  Time to clean up the mess that used to be the floor.

 Floor's out!

Our floor in the back of the Sequoia... loaded up to take home...

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  1. I actually mostly cut off the elevator bolts from below, but it makes such a better picture to show the sparks really flying. :-)