Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's a Small World Afterall...

Last Wednesday, Brian took the trailer to some frame shops with little success.  That evening, I went to dinner with some friends.  They asked about the trailer and I told them we were having trouble finding a welder.  One of my friends told me her husband welds.  (Of course he does!  This man is a real-life Swiss Army Knife.  He can do anything!)  We called SAM (Swiss Army Man) on Monday.  He agreed to meet us up at the warehouse to take a look at the frame.  Brian started giving him directions to the warehouse.  SAM knew EXACTLY how to get there.  It turns out that his company is renting the warehouse space where our trailer was until last weekend.  
What a small world!

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  1. It,s called a GOD thing ! He knows what you need before you do... When we TRUST him great things happen !