Monday, March 22, 2010

Someday in Spring

Friday was a beautiful day.  We camped at Red Top and took the kids fishing for the first time.  We woke up to a beautiful first day of Spring.  The kids headed to the zoo with their aunt and cousin. Brian and I headed to the warehouse about lunch time.

I was determined to finish the radiant barrier insulation this weekend.  This piece is cut to fit in the end-cap.

One end-cap section installed.  Three more to go.

Brian's busy running blue conduit all over.  The access panel for this box will be inside the cabinet above the kitchen sink. 

Sunday the kids enjoyed carrying 20 feet each of 2/0 gauge wire.  It doesn't look like it, but this stuff is extremely heavy.  The 2/0 gauge wire will run between the battery and a control panel.

The last panel to get covered... the one with the (51 year old) "Hello People" message.  We left our own message.  Think someone will find it in 51 years?  Our trailer will be 102 years old in 2061.

Ta-da!  Insulation finished!

This restoration sponsored by Caribou Coffee...well, it should be anyway.  It's conveniently located between our warehouse and the home store.  Thanks to Caribou for sponsoring all of our extended hours at the warehouse this weekend and every weekend.

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  1. Looks great! I wondered if you guys were inside or outside this weekend with the nice weather!