Tuesday, April 13, 2010

(No End)cap

A new tenant moves into the space next to us (and into the office where our trailer "guts" were) on the 15th. Our fiberglass endcaps were taking up some of their space and need to be moved out of the way. We had a few options about where to move the endcaps:
  • lean-to shed beside the warehouse 
  • our garage 
  • install them in the trailer
 The endcaps are somewhat fragile and quite awkward to move. (It is nerve wracking to move them!) We thought, "Hey! Let's just go ahead and install them in the trailer... then they'll be out of the way and we won't have to worry about them getting damaged."

We spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings trying to put in the endcaps. 
With no success.

A fellow Airstream-restorer suggested that we try putting in the floor and windows before attempting the endcaps.  It really does makes more sense to put the endcaps in after the floor.  The floor will help the outside skin hold it's shape.  (It's pretty bendy right now and we think that complicated our installation.)
So much for saving ourselves the trouble of moving the endcaps...

Friday night we drove up to Blue Ridge, GA and spent the night at the "other Sanders" Bed and Breakfast (my In-laws house.)  It was a great Bed and Breakfast (I highly recommend the fruit salad!)  Saturday morning we drove up to Hiawasee, GA to drop in on "Springstream."  (Some Airstream "folks" camp together in the Fall and Spring in Hiawasee.)  We showed up just in time for the "open house" and the polishing demo.  We enjoyed  getting to meet some fellow Airstream-junkies and their trailers.

"Springstream" was good motivation... we can't wait to see our trailer this shiny!

Sunday, we moved the endcaps to the lean-to shed.  They'll be fine out there until we can get to them again.  Brian fabricated a frame for the gray water tank and installed it.  (Just to be confusing, our gray water tank is black.)

The frame passed the "sturdy" test.

 Brian has almost finished fabricating the frame for the black water tank.  (Just to be confusing, it's white.)  I think SOMEONE might be having a little too much fun with his angle grinder and giant erector set.

Our fresh water tank will go above the floor.

Over the last couple of evenings I've been installing fiberglass insulation. Now our trailer looks like a "flying cloud." Hehe.

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  1. Your difficulty with the end caps has me worried. I finally took mine out right before we put the shell back on the frame. I hope we can get them back in. I had to leave mine in my back yard and they got tossed around in wind storm last week. Fortunately, they didn't break, but I really need to get them back in the trailer.