Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sparky's Dead! Long Live Sparky!

Our new axle is ready.  Brian enlisted the help of our trusty friend, Sparky (the angle grinder), to get the old axle off.  We've heard that getting the old axle off is the hardest part about changing the axle.

Sparkey has done so much hard work recently.  It seems he just wasn't up for the  job of cutting off the axle bolts.  I'm sorry to report that Sparkey died a terrible death by overheating.

We're all going to miss Sparky.

...before Sparky was even cold... we went to get his replacement, Sparky Jr.  (Isn't he cute?)

Sparky was cool enough to touch by the time we got back from the home store.  Brian says Sparky Jr. makes Sparky seem like a toy.  I'm happy to report that Brian (and Sparky Jr.) are about half finished getting the axle off.

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  1. Nothing like a rainy day project =) The plumber who fixed our pipes Sunday (UGH) had a hand held, battery powered little saws-all (sp?) with a light. I decided I might need one for my bday!