Monday, April 19, 2010

We're Floored!

Our (white) black water tank is installed!  It's time to put the floor in.

Brian screwed a board to the frame so the shell could be lifted for putting in the floor boards.  I think our restoration can only loosely be described as "skin-on."

Here's the floor!  Six sheets of marine-grade plywood painted with 2 coats of 8 yr outdoor fence paint.   We used epoxy resin around the edges after each piece was cut and installed.

Brian's Dad came Friday and Saturday to help with the floor.  It's double duty with the jig saws.  (Having a "Lefty" around is handy.)

The floor is (roughly) in!

We brought our toaster to the warehouse for toasting bagels.  I couldn't resist this photo.  The resemblance is remarkable.

The floor is installed but still needs a few adjustments.  The back section of the floor was by far the hardest part to install and just wasn't quite right. We had to determine the floor shape by using what was left of our C-channel, the wheel well location, and back straight section as reference points.

Flashback:  The old floor wasn't salvageable for a template. 

Back in February, we applied two coat of stripper to the inner skins/walls.  There's still quite a bit of paint left on them.  Sunday afternoon, we headed home to work on the skins.  This time, we used a chemical stripper and the pressure washer.  The results were uninspiring.  It seems like the paint that's left on the skins is stubborn and determined to stay.  We'll probably quit trying to remove anymore paint and just prep the walls by sanding.


  1. Congratulations! Getting the floor in is a huge step. You should be camping in no time.

  2. Good going. It's a big step getting that subfloor in.

    Zolatone IS really hard to strip. It's been taking about 5 rounds of stripper for me and that still leaves some sanding necessary. Not my favorite job.