Monday, May 10, 2010

Belly Aching, Beauty Marks and a Little Rouge...

We finished up a few things this week to make belly-pan installation possible. Samuel helped Brian with the ABS pipe for the plumbing under the trailer.

Brian's truck loaded up with the new belly pan aluminum (5052-H32.)  We were supposed to get the belly pan aluminum in last week but our supplier fell through.  We were glad to find another local supplier and have already put in a second order with them.

We drug out the old belly pan to use it for a pattern.  
Brian doesn't remember the belly pan looking or smelling this clean.  
(I guess it had a chance to air out after sitting on our patio for a couple months.)

Trace and cut....just follow the pattern, right?

Time to install the first belly pan panel.
Drill. (Pop) Rivet. Repeat.

...cutting the belly pan to make it fit the curve.
Something isn't right.
This isn't exactly going according to plan.
This is harder than it looks.
Plan B?
Cut another section and try again later.

 Mother's Day Decorations.  It's a Peony from our yard.

Brian fabricating the cover for the gray water tank.

"Please!  Please!  Please can I polish?!"
(Too bad the enthusiasm didn't last very long!)

Here's the beauty marks (scrapes).... 
Lower rear curbside panel "before" with a small amount of polishing.
(Definition of polishing= Moving the aluminum oxidation from the trailer to your skin.)

jewelers rouge we're using for polishing

Rear curbside panel "after." 
It's my reflection.
(Shiny enough to see that my face is covered in polish.)

Do you think I have too much rouge?

A Mother's Day to remember!


  1. Glad you spent it having fun with your amazing family project! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Gotta give props to Metal Supermarkets ( on this one. Very good customer service at the Marietta location and a very competitive price.

  3. HEY, ALMOST look like me in those reflections. LOL!!!

  4. For an over the top decorated airstream check out Magnolia Pearl's Airstream....Brian will laugh... It's a gypsy's delight..Miss You MOM