Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Twinkle in his eye...

...of course by "twinkle" I mean a steel sliver.  

This evening we got an early start at the warehouse with (high) hopes to finish the belly pan.   We were there for about an hour and had been drilling holes and using pop rivets to fasten the belly.  Brian crawled out from under the trailer and when he did a small piece of steel fell from his hair into his EYE.  I tried to remove the bit but was unsuccessful.  It was stuck.

The ER doctor said his eye will be good as new.  He does have to rest his eye for a couple of days.  The nurse said "no computer, no TV, no video games."   What's a computer programmer to do?  
(I wasn't in the room but I bet she didn't say "no riveting.") 

In the mean time, Brian digs the pirate look:


  1. Aye aye matey-glad you are going to be ok. There is nothing worse than getting something in your eye!! I would like to thank you for reminding me this morning that I need to call the eye doctor and order contact lenses though-I always forget ;)

  2. Ouch. That must have hurt, but you really got the pirate look down well. I'm going to go knock on some wood now as I've been very lucky so far with the falling shards of metal.

  3. Oh NO!!! A little birdie named Squick, told me about this last night. Poor Brian!!! Personally, I think he just wanted a reason to wear a pirates patch...I'm just sayin :-).

  4. Oh man, the hazards of restoration! But hey, the cool pirate patch might be a keeper for those rouge Airstreaming moments.