Monday, March 14, 2011

Ends Capped

Here's what we've been working on since our last post:

Installed two inside fiberglass endcaps
cleaned the endcaps
more wiring
sealed some leaks (every Airstream owner's favorite task)
sealed some more leaks
made the frame for the new battery box
worked on a new drip cap for the front door
washed the trailer (first bath in a year, YIKES!)

Did I mention we installed the fiberglass endcaps?! We used 3 "third hands" and a farm jack to complete the job.  Stubborn things!  We were so glad to finally be successful at this task. 


  1. Woo hoo! Leslie was just asking yesterday at lunch about your progress!

  2. Good going, Brian. I remember your struggles with those floppy endcaps earlier. Glad you got them back in!


  3. Nice job getting those back in place Brian. Sounds like you have a bunch of cool projects in the works. I'm enjoying the frequent updates - keep em coming.

  4. I know you're glad you have those endcaps behind you. And I hear you on the trailer bath. Your Overlander is now way cleaner than my Tradewind!

  5. Just read some of your story, looks like a great family project! Great to see everyone involved and excited about getting someday back on the road.
    Hopefully ours will be on the road soon too.