Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stripping/Showing a Little Skin

We're stripping paint, putting the skins in, cutting holes for new outlets...

This is our ceiling.  On the floor.  
We've been working around/walking around this huge ceiling roll forever.

 We decided to take it out and strip it (again) before installing it.

Stripping isn't fun.
 It's much easier to do with horizontal panels though.
I'll spare you the picture of the inside of that 5 gallon bucket.  It's where I put all of the paint and stripper goo after I scraped it off... we call it the "puke bucket."

Warning!  Gratuitous side note:
Buying the stripper was fun. 
The cashier at the home store told us:
"You have to be 18 to buy a [can of] stripper."  Haha!
(She wasn't kidding though, it's the law in GA.)

Brian installing the lower curbside skin.  
Our headlamps are very useful in late-night Airstream restoration as well as camping.

We're so excited about working on the skins.
We're adding a total of 7 new outlets to our trailer.  For each new outlet, we have to make a cut in the skin.  So, the skin installation is taking a little bit of time but we're getting close.


  1. Good call on the additional outlets, I'm already regretting not having installed a couple more.

  2. The more outlets the better, I just finished wiring ours and have 16 outlets inside and 3 outside. The other campers we have had only had 3-4 total and usually not in a great spot. It's got to feel good to be installing the inner skin!
    Keep on stream'n

  3. That makes sense to me...cuz, don't you have to be 18 to be a stripper too? Nothing like consistency within the law :-). LOL One can never have too many outlets either. I say add 8 extra for good measure :-).

  4. See, Dawn. You can go camping with us now...AND bring your hot glue gun. ;)

  5. Looking good! You guys are making excellent progress. And extra outlets are always a good thing? How many exterior outlets do you have?

  6. Ooops, the question mark didn't belong in my previous post. Sorry.

  7. We added 1 exterior outlet so we have 2 total exterior outlets. The first exterior outlet is to the left of the door (some people plug "porch lights" into them.) We added a second exterior outlet under the trailer to the left of the door.

  8. I like the idea of a second outlet under the trailer, very smart. Makes perfect sense and I'm going to keep that idea in mind for future reference.