Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Few More Things


For Brian's first attempt at fabricating a new eyebrow
he tried using the leftover .032" 2025-T3 
sheet of aluminum from the front panel.  
It was not the best aluminum to make the flexible brow.

He ordered some (softer) .032" 2024-0 aluminum from a local 
aircraft supply store.  When he went to pick up the order they
had a (thicker) .040" sheet of it instead.  
Even with the thicker metal it was so much easier to work with than the body panel aluminum.

2024-0 aluminum= nice eyebrow &  happy fabricator

Battery Box
When we bought our trailer there was no battery box; only a wooden shelf was attached to the front of the trailer.   Brian looked at pictures of old battery boxes for the inspiration to make ours.

support first

support frame & acid proof paint
We know what battery acid can do to aluminum.

   Our box is large enough to house two marine batteries.  
Smaller tractor batteries that would have been used originally.


We installed the VCT floor.  
We tried to come as close to the original floor as possible.  
The new tile is different from the old in two ways: 
It's 12x12 instead of 9x9 and is asbestos free!

Our inspiration piece:
a small section of our old floor


Square one.  The best place to start.

Ta-daa!  (Only 6 more coats of sealer and it will be finished!)



  1. The battery box and VCT look great! Is that an Armstrong VCT product? It looks very close to what was put in my '58 Overlander. In your subfloor prep did you use bondo to prepare the surface for tiling?
    Are you planning on using Zolatone for the interior?

  2. Mike, we used Tarkett Azrock VCT. For prep Brian used a regular floor leveling compound.

    Yes! We're using Zolatone. We made our paint order and it has arrived. Now, we're just waiting for the paint gun to get here. (We weren't able to get it locally.) I can't wait for it to be painted!

  3. Great, Lynneta. Can't wait to see pics of your Zolatone'd interior.

  4. Great progress guys. That battery box is awesome. Very nice work on the eyebrown and floor tiles too.

  5. A fine eyebrow and great floor... looking forward to seeing how you get on with the Zolatone (as I'm about to spray my Flying Cloud).

    Great work, good luck with it all.