Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Floor De-poxy

Since we accidentally e-poxied the floor we needed to de-poxy it.

While scrubbing the floor we were counting the number of tiles we were going to have to replace.  We debated about the tiles that were going to be under the kitchen cabinet.  Replace them?  Or just deal with it?  Should we just live with the damaged tiles until after we installed the furniture?    So many questions.

Before prying out the damaged tiles we tired cleaning them with elbow grease and a heavy duty cleaner.  The cleaner successfully removed the epoxy/resin paper mess and the floor finish.  Hmmm.  Why not just use floor stripper?  I tried it.  It worked!

I had another problem I wasn't sure how to solve though.  Part of the floor had finish on it and part of it didn't.  Unfinished next to finished.  The floor looked really bad in the parts that were transition areas. Was I going to have to strip and refinish the whole trailer?  It was the million dollar question.  Fortunately, I know someone with extensive experience with VCT flooring.  I decided to take the "phone a friend" option.  (Ok.  Well, actually I sent an email, but you get the idea.) 

Much to my relief, I learned that it wouldn't be necessary to strip the entire trailer.  The iffy transition areas would look just fine if I put finish over them.

1 coat of stripper
LOTS & LOTS of elbow grease/scrubbing
2 coats of sealer
4 coats of finish

Good as new!  What a relief!
(I guess you'll just have to trust me on this one since I'm not providing a picture.)


  1. That's great news, guys. I was hoping you wouldn't have to rip up the epoxied tiles. But VCT does have its benefits. You can always replace damaged tiles without having to do the entire floor.

  2. I saw it in person, but didn't know the story. Thought it looked great! It's getting there. the end is in sight.:)