Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TAC Rally at FDR

For Memorial Day weekend we took Someday to our first rally.  The TAC rally was held at FDR State Park in beautiful Pine Mountain, GA. 

We almost never pass up an opportunity to go to a museum or some historic place where we can learn something new.  This weekend was no exception.  We've been to the Little White House in Warm Springs, GA before but Sabrina wasn't old enough to remember it. 

Photo by Sabrina, who is only 5:
Hmmm?  I wonder how much this 1938 convertible can tow?
Who knew FDR was so handy?  
This vehicle was outfitted with hand controls designed and made by FDR so that he could drive without the use of his legs. 

 These kids are showing considerable restraint here.  
I was about ready to jump in that fountain myself.  It was a hot day!
After the Little White House we went for ice cream and air conditioning in Warm Springs, GA.

Sunday we went to the Pine Mountain Wild Animal Safari.  This place could probably use it's own blog post but I'll try to summarize with a few paragraphs and glossy photos:

The Pine  Mountain Wild Animal Park is a drive-through animal park where you can feed the animals.  You can drive your own vehicle.  If you're unwilling to subject your vehicle's exterior and interior upholstery to scratches, mud, and the slobber of  giraffe, zebra, donkey, longhorn, and buffalo then you can ride through in the comfort (and I use that term very loosely) of a rented zebra-mobile.

standing in front of our roach-coach
The zebra-mobile is a species all of it's own.  Bars are added in place of the back windows.  Our comfy coach also had a nice feature:  the "check engine" light was on.  This is where mini-vans go to die.  We looked for our old minivan but we didn't see it anywhere.  Perhaps with the new stripes we just couldn't recognize it.

Ever wonder how buffalo breath smells?  
He could have used a breath mint.

All three kids are "cat people" so they were super excited to pet a Serval in the walking portion of the park:


 What is a camping trip without wildlife?  
We had plenty back at camp too!  Sabrina found an interesting 13 year cicada with red eyes. We found toads! bats!  hawks!  Someone said they heard a fox. (I was unable to substantiate this rumor;  We even tried to lure the fox with leftover feed from the wild animal park.  I don't think it will be the last of this "fox.")  Do ticks count as wildlife?  There were plenty of those. It was suggested that we rename the rally "Tick Fest."

Know one thing that's great about other Airstreamers?  They know lots of things about Airstreams and they like to travel!  Ok.  That was two but who's counting? 


We learned many things from our fellow travelers:  places we should visit, all about making vintage awnings,  tips about TV antenna, hitches, interior storage, securing your AC shroud, and the best ways to get internet access.

How could a three day weekend possibly go so fast? 
We really had a fantastic time camping with everyone.
We can't wait to go camping with you again!

... until next time

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